• Laminate Flooring
    Laminate Flooring
    Laminate flooring is a more economical way to re-floor, than hardwood boards and with the right choice can look very attractive.
  • Kitchen work surfaces
    Kitchen work surfaces
    Fitting kitchen work surfaces can be very tricky. Especially when you only have a few MM to spare    
  • King Edwards Street
    King Edwards Street
  • King Edwards Street
    King Edwards Street
  • King Edwards Street
    King Edwards Street
  • King Edwards Street
    King Edwards Street
  • King Edwards Street
    King Edwards Street
  • Cut & Pitch Roof
    Cut & Pitch Roof
    Hip rafter which has been chamfered. A cut and pitched roof, built on an extension of a country cottage in Ash, Kent.
  • Upstreet Farmhouse
    Upstreet Farmhouse
    It is suprising how much work goes in before the finsihed project. This is the development of two ensuites, one with just a shower, the other to the master bedroom had a beautiful period cast iron roll top bath.
  • Reclaimed Fireplace
    Reclaimed Fireplace
    I made this fireplace using a reclaimed cast iron insert. The surround was created from old floorboards. The floors were sanded and stained.
  • Decking
    The tree an Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki’(Coral Bark Maple) was designed into the decking and planted before the footings were cast.
  • Newel Post
    Newel Post
    This newel post was created using a purpose made jig and a router.
  • Wreath layout
    Wreath layout
    This is how I layout a block of wood to form a half turn, when making a continuos hand rail for period stairs
  • Stair Wreath
    Stair Wreath
    After cutting the rough shape of the stair wreath, i have attached a section of hand rail to guide me in the shaping of the wreath turn which is three-dimensional.
  • Roof construction
    Roof construction
    Progression on the development of the Grasmere Road property. This shows the shell with two new extensions and the start of a new roof that I designed and built.
  • Steeple Cottage Roof
    Steeple Cottage Roof
    Cut & Pitch. Creative work that in the summer is very enjoyable, winter time can be hell!!!!
  • Hand Rail Wreath
    Hand Rail Wreath
    The near finished half turn stair wreath. A little sanding and final shaping when the whole handrails are connected should give a very pleasing look.
  • Cut & Pitched Roof
    Cut & Pitched Roof
    One of my favorite jobs is building a cut & pitch roof in the sunshine. This roof will also have four dorma windows built on to it.
  • Ashlar Walls
    Ashlar Walls
    This new Ashlar wall is a structural support for the roof rafters.
  • French Doors
    French Doors
    French doors were instaled in place of the box sash window, to give the livingroom a feel of the outside. A reclaimed fireplace and purpose made surround finished off this beautiful cotage, located of the sought after location of Island Wall, Whitstable.
  • Island Wall Rear Extension
    Island Wall Rear Extension
    A rear extension was added, which now contains the bathroom. Decking from the French door, leads to the garden.
  • Insulation in a loft conversion
    Insulation in a loft conversion
    Insulation is a wise investment when doing any new work to the inside of buildings,.This is a special multi-layered blanket quilt which gives very effective insulation.
  • Hanging a Door
    Hanging a Door
    Kim enjoying fitting new doors to a property in Fleetwood Avenue.
  • Fleetwood Avenue
    Fleetwood Avenue
    To provide lighting to an internal landing area at Fleetwood Avenue, Herne Bay, I made and instaled this window frame, which completely transformed the space, making it a much brighter area.
  • Internal Roof
    Internal Roof
    Inside view of the new cut and pitch roof that I built on our Grasmere Road development
  • Sofit & Fascias
    Sofit & Fascias
    New fascias and soffits were fitted here. The fascias were clad in plastic as requested by the home owner. On the roof I use a breathable membrane.
  • Fitted Wardrobes
    Fitted Wardrobes
    This is a fitted wardrobe. I built the framework and plastered it. Then fitted sliding doors. The interior of the wardrobes, which were off the shelf units, comprising of drawers and shelves, did not fit the space available, I adapted them to fit perfectly.
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
    Making a custom door lining using my Festool Domino…This tool forms floating tenions which make a very strong joint!
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
    A Hardwood threshold for a custom door lining using my Festool router and domino's strong and durable!
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
    Glueing up of a door lining made by me!
  • Decking
    Decking…Jetty and planting all finished. I feel very happy with the overall design…
  • Dormer Window
    Dormer Window
    Curved top dormer window, which was eventually lead clad and had a purpose made aluminium double glazes structural window inserted. This was one of my design projects on a loft and roof refurbishment that the owner just gave me free rain to come up with a finished product.
  • French Doors
    French Doors
    These doors were fitted to replace a single door and window.
  • Birthday Present
    Birthday Present
    Easel made for a present.