Stilts, Plaster and music.

Kim has many building skill. It appears that she has marsted three skills in one. Using stilts to plaster ceilings has save a lot of inconvenience for my customers as the room no longer has to be scaffolded out to reach ceilings.




Dewalt Stand with a Walko top…Festool clamps and a Zyliss vice

This is my take on a Dewalt stand. KimCan has a Walko top which I have mounted using Dewalt’s saw mounting brackets.

The top is spaced from the mounting bracket so that the table is the same hight as my MFT 3 and Kaypex.

I use Festool clamps and my Zyliss vice for holding just about anything that I have to work on.

Being compact this bench can be used when there is no room for my MFT 3.

King Edward Street

We are well under way with King Edward Street. From these pictures you can see this property has not been worked on for years even though it had been rented out. The tenants had no heating


New Project Nelson Road

We have today submitted our plans to Canterbury City Council for all alterations and extension to our new project in Whitstable.

Plans were drawn up and submitted online by Ten Studio, who are run by a lovely couple called Mario and Victoria.

Pictures here show before shots of the property and a shot of the planned extension.

KimCan’s van is now sign written, ask the driver for a card.

My van has just been given it’s own personality, if you see me driving around do say hello.

If you would like one of my business cards or would like me to come and view a project for you, just ask!

Quotes are free!

The sign writting was done by a local firm, who are very professional.

Sign Writers



Justin & Bretts wall insulation

Landlords Justin & Brett’s, rented property on the main road in Wincheap, Canterbury was having trouble with the flank and front wall of the house being cold, noisy with a small amount of penetrating dampness. I  over came this by removing all the contaminated plaster, battening the wall and insulating it. This was then covered with foil backed plasterboard and plastered.

Shelia’s new skirting

Fitting skirting boards at Shelia’s house near Sittingbourne.

The skirting boards were screwed and plugged so as to give a finish that could have varnish applied.

Tracy & Lesley’s storage cupboard

Recent work I have completed for Tracy & Lesley,  included, fitting a kitchen, a family bathroom and laying an oak floor in the living room and hall.

This latest project was replacing a storage cupboard in their spare bedroom.

Gill & Mike’s Cloakroom

This house has no down stairs toilet, it was not possible to locate a new toilet in the large front hall as no drains were in the front of the house.

The only option was to pinch part of their dining room and build a small room with extraction to the outside of the property.