Westhill Road

  • Old Rotten Roof Rafters
    Old Rotten Roof Rafters
    Water had been leaking into this roof for may years, making the rafters weak and sagging.
  • Rafter replacements
    Rafter replacements
    Once uncovered, its not unusual to find rot and bad workmanship. This roof had both and needed replacement rafters and a new perlin. We used a multi layer blanket originally designed for survival suits.
  • Ashlar Walls
    Ashlar Walls
    This new Ashlar wall is a structural support for the roof rafters.
  • Insulation in a loft conversion
    Insulation in a loft conversion
    Insulation is a wise investment when doing any new work to the inside of buildings,.This is a special multi-layered blanket quilt which gives very effective insulation.
  • Sofit & Fascias
    Sofit & Fascias
    New fascias and soffits were fitted here. The fascias were clad in plastic as requested by the home owner. On the roof I use a breathable membrane.
  • Dormer Window
    Dormer Window
    Curved top dormer window, which was eventually lead clad and had a purpose made aluminium double glazes structural window inserted. This was one of my design projects on a loft and roof refurbishment that the owner just gave me free rain to come up with a finished product.
  • Dormer Window, Westhill Road
    Dormer Window, Westhill Road
    This window is a structural part of the dormer window.