Grasmere Road

  • Grasmere Road, Start of Project
    Grasmere Road, Start of Project
    This is the starting point of a new project. Major work was carried out on this small bungalow in Grasmere Road, developing it into a beautiful house
  • Roof construction
    Roof construction
    Progression on the development of the Grasmere Road property. This shows the shell with two new extensions and the start of a new roof that I designed and built.
  • Internal View
    Internal View
    Now I have the roof cover in, the next job is the installation of floor joist and stairs.
  • Cut & Pitched Roof
    Cut & Pitched Roof
    One of my favorite jobs is building a cut & pitch roof in the sunshine. This roof will also have four dorma windows built on to it.
  • Internal Roof
    Internal Roof
    Inside view of the new cut and pitch roof that I built on our Grasmere Road development
  • Grasmere Road
    Grasmere Road
    My Son-In-law working at Grasmere Road. I often get help from the family on our major renovations. Bill had just finished uni and was about to start his new job.
  • My daughter, visiting
    My daughter, visiting
    New flight of stairs, just before i installed them into Grasmere Road.
  • Grasmere Road
    Grasmere Road
    The finished project !! a brilliant feeling after all the hours of work that goes into it. This property started as a two bedroom bungalow that I bought at Chestfield. Two extensions were added to each side. The roof replaced and totally refurbished. The final development was a lovely four bedroomed house.