Central Parade

  • Central Parade
    Central Parade
    Work can look a bit daunting when the customer first see's what has happened to their homes.
  • Central Parade
    Central Parade
    After the initial stages of digging out the floor base and then reinstating, things start to look a more homely. The kitchen was then ready for me to fit the underfloor heating.
  • Central Parade
    Central Parade
    Hand crafted box sash frames. The new box sash windows were made on site.
  • The old door
    The old door
    This was the start point. I supported the wall above the window & door with acro props, then removed everything.
  • Acro Props Installed
    Acro Props Installed
    With all the decayed frames removed, you can now see where the new French doors will fit.
  • French Doors
    French Doors
    These doors were fitted to replace a single door and window.
  • Family Bathroom C/P
    Family Bathroom C/P
    Beautiful hand painted roll top bath, sits in a room of its own.
  • Family Bathroom second part
    Family Bathroom second part
    The main bath is in a room of its own. This is a second, adjoining room with the shower, toilet and basin.