• Four Floors Up
    Four Floors Up
    Where there is a will there is a way. It was far to expensive to scaffold this building. My job was to add extra brackets to the rain water down pipes, because the original developer has skimped and fitted the brackets too far apart. This caused the pipes to twist out of shape and come apart at the joints.
  • Flitch Beam
    Flitch Beam
    Sometimes a lot of support is required. I was installing a flitch beam on this occasion.
  • Oxenden Park
    Oxenden Park
    Another happy customer, practicing pole dancing !!. Here, I divided an area to form a downstairs cloakroom and a kitchen dinning area. A flitch beam was used to support the upper floor.
  • Central Parade
    Central Parade
    Work can look a bit daunting when the customer first see's what has happened to their homes.
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
    Me building block work…replacing a structural support that had been remove at sometime!
  • Internal View
    Internal View
    Now I have the roof cover in, the next job is the installation of floor joist and stairs.
  • Roof construction
    Roof construction
    Progression on the development of the Grasmere Road property. This shows the shell with two new extensions and the start of a new roof that I designed and built.
  • Island Wall Rear Extension
    Island Wall Rear Extension
    A rear extension was added, which now contains the bathroom. Decking from the French door, leads to the garden.
  • Acro Props Installed
    Acro Props Installed
    With all the decayed frames removed, you can now see where the new French doors will fit.