• Stilts for Plastering
    Stilts for Plastering
    Most of the ceilings that I plaster now I do on my plastering stilts…it can be a bit scary when the ceilings are very high…the stilts adjust for various hight ceilings!
  • Set up ready to plaster
    Set up ready to plaster
    Ready to start the plastering of the new ceiling.
  • Plastering a Ceiling
    Plastering a Ceiling
  • King Edward Street
    King Edward Street
    First coat of plaster applied…needs a little smoothing out but I quite like the artistic look!
  • Plastering
    Here I am plastering, a small downstairs cloakroom at Beltinge. It is often more time consuming to do small rooms with many shaped areas, than large easy accessible walls.
  • Dormer Window, Westhill Road
    Dormer Window, Westhill Road
    This window is a structural part of the dormer window.