Customer service

  • Arrive at the agreed time the first time we meet to discuss your requirements;
  • Always act in a professional manner;
  • Inform you as to my availability for start dates;
  • Discuss all aspects of the work required, listen to your requirements and expectations and any special concerns which you may have, advise and agree ways to make your ideas work;
  • Provide you with an estimate, outlining  all aspects of work to be completed;
  • Always discuss anything unforeseen as the work progresses and agree a the way forward,  and give you a price at the time of any extra cost involved to complete the work;
  • Treat you with respect and be honest with you, answer any questions you have.
  • Be adaptable to alterations to the original outlined work;
  • Hold weekly meetings (on larger projects) with you and sort through and concerns that  may have arisen;
  • Take special care of customer property at all times
  • Take photographs of work as it progresses and provide customers with a keep sake at the end of the job;
  • Always leave the job site, clean and tidy