About Kim

Ever since buying my first house at the age of 19, I have enjoyed renovating property, what first started as a need because money was short, has developed into a passion for me.

Now, with over 30 years experience , working full-time as a builder and property developer, I have acquired a vast amount of skills and now have the ability to totally renovate a house.

Throughout my time as a builder, I have re-modeled small flats, raised the roof and added a floor on a Regency grade 11 listed, seafront property, renovated a 300 year old barn, and just about everything in-between.

We are able to express ourselves in many ways, I do it through my work, creating beautiful projects in peoples homes, and restoring buildings to their original glory. What I enjoy most is seeing the joy my work brings to my customers.

I have remained friends with my customers, all of whom have been happy with the end project. Most of my work is gained through word of mouth, which has been very helpful, being a female builder sometimes means you have a little more to prove!!

If desired, many of my previous projects can be viewed by my new customers.

I have a very good creative eye and the ability to come up with ideas which can sometimes enhance original plans.